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How to find the best processor for a given price? First - choose which type of performance characteristic you are interested in. "Overall performance" takes into account all CPU cores which means it shows total theoretical CPU speed. If you plan to use applications capable of handling multiple cores (for example: audio and video editing, 3D rendering and most of the newer 3D games), then this is the chart for you. On the other hand, "Single-core performance" shows approximate performance of a single core in every CPU. Most of the "non-proffesional" applications still are able to use only a single core, so this CPU speed chart is more applicable to them.

When you have chosen the chart, then find your budgeted price on its horizontal axis. On the left of your price find the highest point on the chart. To answer the big question: "which is the the best processor?" - its this one!

These CPU speed and value charts are built based on performance data from and prices from Newegg. "Score" is computed as performance to price ratio.

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CPU Socket Performance Price Score
AMD Athlon II X2 245 AM3 1702 57.99 29.35

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CPU Socket Performance Price Score
AMD Athlon II X2 245 AM3 851 57.99 14.67

Note: Results presented can not be treated as the one and only truth, simply because there is not one definition of generally "best processor". Before making final decision about purchasing your chosen CPU, make sure to read some more in-depth reviews published by specialized sites.

Comments for: Best AM3 processor

Where is the Core i7 3770k in this list?

They are different. this is haswell architecture-based processor, and it's using lga 1150 socket. the core i7 3770k is ivy-bridge arch-based processor with lga 1155. core i7 3770k is not much slower than the new core i7s, even though it's three years behind in term of architecture(ivy-bridge is an bumped-up version of sandy-bridge)

I posted this comment under "Comments for: Best LGA 1155 processor" I am aware of the socket differences, Thanks, but this list of Socket 1155 does NOT include the i3770k. The list is showing the i3770 (not k) as the fastest, and it is not. I think the problem here is when you sort the list, and it says "Comments for: Best LGA 1155 processor" people sorted for other processors still see the same comments. Yep, verified. Sorted for best LGA 775, and still see the same posts.

I can't find my core listed. It's Intel core 2 cpu 6600 @ 2.4 GHz (2 CPUs)

That's because this is for LGA 1150 CPU's

So anyone who has a computer with a cpu listed here can upgrade to any other cpu listed here ?

You need to find a CPU compatible with your motherboard. Most important is matching CPU socket.

Guys, get one thing straight, the processors here is the older "Pentium" Dual Core, not Core 2, ix series. "Pentium" dual core are different.

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